Students may struggle academically because of many different reasons. For some students, it may be weak language skills and for some it may be weak cognitive, social, or emotional skills which hamper their learning.

Some reasons students struggle are:

  • Poor attention skills: A student needs to be able to stay on task without being distracted in order to complete tasks and sometimes even begin tasks.
  • Poor processing speed: Despite working hard and spending longer doing classwork or homework, having slow processing speed causes children to have low efficiency. It may make the child seem lazy or unmotivated.
  • Weak memory skills: Students need to recall what was just said to them and recall it for long enough to carry out tasks assigned to them. They also need to be able to remember facts over longer periods of time.

At BrainRx, we provide an assessment of the skills needed for learning and extensive brain training exercises to strengthen weak skills. We use the one-on-one BrainRx brain training program to help struggling students enhance memory, logic and reasoning, attention skills, visual processing skills etc.

For children who are struggling with school and in life, this will translate in:

  • Stronger cognitive skills- students learn things faster and easier than ever before.
  • Measurably better memory skills and concentration.
  • Improved logic and reasoning skills which may help improve organization skills, analytical and conceptual thinking as well.
  • Better mental performance in school, sports and life.
  • Greater confidence.

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