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Free Consultation

The free consultation is a no- obligation meeting which is provided to give you a chance to know more about the BrainRx program and to discuss if you or your child will benefit from it.


The first step to helping your child or yourself to overcome the struggles associated with reading, learning, thinking, remembering or paying attention is to carry out an assessment.

Our assessment is quick and affordable. We use the Gibson Test which scientifically measures the performance of key cognitive skills: Working Memory, Long Term Memory, Processing Speed, Auditory Processing, Visual Processing, Logic and Reasoning and Word Attack

The Gibson Test along with our one on one assessment helps us to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses. The test result helps you to understand why you or your child are struggling in certain areas. The results of the assessment also enable us to customize the program targeting the identified weaknesses.

The assessment is followed by a face to face consultation where we discuss the results and suggest appropriate action plans.


The BrainRx Brain Training Program is an intensive one-of-one cognitive development program. Students do challenging and enjoyable mental exercises with a personal brain trainer, with a focus on their identified weaknesses. The program is complemented by a digital program which is designed and customized to reinforce the cognitive skills.

The training is carried out in a non- academic manner and is sequenced properly to gain maximum results.

Some of the results that can be seen include better attention and concentration, better memory, better accuracy in tasks, better academic performance, improved self esteem and confidence, more independence and many others.